We provide advice and support across a wide range of corporate, commercial and financial activities, including:


  • Applications, awards, licences, permits, titles and other regulatory issues.
  • Exploration, development, production, supply, sales and marketing activities.
  • Joint studies and bidding, joint ventures, joint operations, strategic alliances, farm-ins and farm-outs, unitisation.
  • Licensing, service, royalty, off-take and lifting, pipeline and transport, infrastructure agreements and abandonment.
  • Public and private capital raising, and other forms of debt and equity financing.
  • Direct foreign investment.
  • Transaction structuring.
  • Negotiation support – preparation, at-the-table and follow-through.
  • Entity formation and management.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, and the disposal, restructuring and consolidation of interests, assets and entities.


Our core team is complemented, on a needs basis, from a substantial global network of in-country, in-industry and specialist lawyers.


“We found invaluable the depth of legal knowledge and experience, and the broad network of commercial contacts the practice was able to reference.”

Kevin A Reichelt
Executive Chairman of STI Rail Pty Ltd
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