We are a consultancy with an exclusive focus on the natural resource sector. Strongly law-based, but not law-centric, our approach to challenges facing our clients is to explore a broad range of options, not simply to find the best solution in law. Thus to classify us simply as a law firm would be to seriously understate the value of the comprehensive range of services we provide to our clients.

Our high success rate is predicated on our chosen strategy of focusing a substantial body of knowledge and experience on a single business area - the natural resource sector. We are building a strong leadership position in our carefully-defined market.

We also work hard to develop sound, hands-on working relationships with our clients, to understand their business and, to a degree, to become part of it. Experience has shown us that the closer the bond we can form, the greater the contribution we can make.

We have a series of simple operating philosophies that have enabled us, over the years, to develop mutually satisfactory long-term relationships with our clients.

Experienced representation

If you work with Mildwaters Consulting, you will deal only with the company’s principals, not with juniors or “support staff”. This ensures that you have immediate access to the highest level of expertise, and our promise is “right first time, in less time”. Overall, this approach ensures the work is done faster, to a substantially higher standard and, at the same time, far more cost-effectively.


The conventional role of a legal adviser is to respond to clients' requests for legal advice on specific issues. We prefer to take a more practical approach. Once we understand your business we will contribute proactively, not limiting ourselves to purely legal perspectives, to ensure that not only the obvious options are explored. We see ourselves as “support providers”, not simply “service providers”.

Risk management

We speak of “managing risk”, not “eliminating risk”. Our role is to help you identify possible risks, quantify those risks and examine legitimate ways of managing them. Any business venture involves an element of risk, and a strongly “risk-averse” company operates under a serious handicap.


We do not deliver to our clients learned legal treatises. Our advice will always be presented as succinctly as the circumstances permit, expressed in plain English and focused not only on the legal points at issue, but also the broader commercial context in which the advice is being provided.

No surprises

We can structure our fees in a number of ways, including hourly charges, monthly retainers and lump sum project fees, and will negotiate the charging method that best suits you. One underlying principle is that both parties are very clear from the outset how fees and charges will be applied, to ensure that an invoice from Mildwaters Consulting does not bring with it any unpleasant surprises.


There is a perception that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the team you need to meet it.

We beg to differ.

Depth of knowledge and experience in a deliberately defined industry sector is the cornerstone of our success. Directing energy through a narrow focus can create impact out of all proportion to size. A 50kg woman exerts fifteen times more pressure through her stiletto heel than a four-tonne elephant standing on one foot.


“We need advisers who think on their feet, and see and understand the big picture before we take the next step.”

Dr Osman Shahenshah
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Afren PLC

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