There are key points of difference between our philosophies and modus operandi and those of more conventional law firms that generate real benefits for our clients. These differences include:

Knowledge: Our unparalleled legal knowledge base in the natural resource sector is complemented by a level of commercial experience and nous seldom encountered in a law firm, attributes we have developed and honed over many years' experience.

Breadth: Through our own resources and our considerable business network we are able to provide the complete range of skills needed to tackle a complex issue, enabling us to carefully coordinate every aspect of a strategy without communication breakdowns, and to uniformly high quality standards.

Flexibility: We are always prepared to think outside the square. We believe that a strategy based on law alone will often fail produce the required result in a complex commercial situation, unless no serious challenge existed in the first place.

International network: Our international experience and extensive business and political networks in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia enable us to provide a high standard of cross-border and in-country service in those resource-rich regions.


"They also stand out from their peers for their positive 'problem-solving' rather than the 'problem-making', risk-averse approach of so many commercial lawyers."

Nicholas Lethbridge
Past Managing Partner
Babcock & Brown, Europe
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